Personalized Garden Sundials Carved in Stone

I am a sundial designer and will design a sundial using the longitude and latitude of your location to mathematically calculate the design of a Heliochronometer sundial that will tell accurate legal standard or daylight savings time for your installation site. Your sundial will never be off more than the normal seasonal variation of the equation of time for your home location. Now your garden sundial will not only be a centerpiece for your lawn or garden, it can also be a good conversation piece as well, because unlike garden shop decorator sundials mine actually tells time.

My standard horizontal sundials measures 15 inches square, or octagonal and is available in granite. Special sizes are available depending on your requirements. I can also design and build stained glass vertical sundials for placement in a southern exposure window, see photo. I can also personalize the sundial for the customer by carving a name, address, verse or a special date. I also cast pedestals in reinforced concrete and stucco finish them. Sorry due to the weight, I cannot ship the pedestals but they are available to those who wish to do a customer pickup or make special rrangements.

Please contact me for price and delivery. 

Garden sundials are hand carved to order as they are designed to be site specific. Delivery is dependent upon my current backlog of orders. My sundials have been popular as gifts to master gardeners, for retirements, memorials, public and private architectural and landscape enhancements.

Recent projects: Tyler Community College, Tyler ,TX, City of Vero Beach Veterns Memorial, The von Steuben Memorial State Historic Site NY, U.S. Air Force - Wichita Falls TX, Ashland University, Manatee Community College, Michigan State University Pediatrics - Kalamazoo MI, Providence RI Public School System, The Woodlands Herman Memorial Hospital TX, in addition to many private installations all over the U.S. and Canada.

For more information, inquire about pricing, delivery or to make an order, please email me at © Copyright 2003003,

Wayne Rizor        8807 Wendalyn Way    Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009